Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Will Vote!!

It is nearly a month since i my last post. Tunisia and Egypt successfully revolted. Libya is on their way and other Arab states... attempting.

In Arab world, their previous democracy can be seen with more than 90% vote for the Presidents. Syria is hereditary presidency with Libya following suit. We can say the democracy practiced there is a sham with no opposition whatsoever being tolerated.

The Government treated their people like trash, slave and minions, the people are poor while the elites lives fabulously. In Jordan for example, people are tired with special treatment given to the clan of Queen Rania.

The burning flame of Jasmine Revolution can be felt across the world, and oppressed people elsewhere cheered seeing the tyrants, dictators, corruptors and others of the same kind trembling in fear.

Since what is happening in the Middle East is understandable, i don't see any need for me to elaborate much on the matter.

Back to our homeland, Malaysia.. Do we need one? I think if any of us doesn't agree with the Government, they can voice up their opinion via ballot box. Anwar Ibrahim recent promise that the change of government shall be done through electoral process, is a huge relief for me. That sort of assurance is a guarantee that if there is a change of government, it is done with proper mandate in peaceful transition. No life and property is threatened.

This can be related to the fact that people are generally angry seeing their legitimately elected government being replaced against their wishes as in Perak. This might remind our Opposition Leader that his 16 September 2008 attempt to overthrow via party hopping the government is not the best idea.

This is also a tacit acknowledgement that the electoral process in this country is relatively trustworthy. You might disagree with me on many thing, but whatever you're saying would render it impossible for BN to lose Terengganu in 1998, losing 2/3 majority and 5 states in 2008 election or even losing Kelantan 20 years ago where the voters are mostly relying on mainstream media. What say you?

Whether you need "pembangunan" or "corrupt free government", "islamic state or secular state".. it is your choice.

I strongly urge every qualified and eligible Malaysians to register yourself as a voter and make sure your voice is heard. Your choice determine our future.

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