Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me: A Stock Trader

Stock trading is a skill to make money. It is not as cool as other skills like singing, dancing, ability to play various musical instrument, sky diving, capoeira but still... money can buy loads of things. For this very reason we see people flocking to workplace every morning repeatedly.

I am writing this post not to brag but to correct certain people perception on stock trader;

1. Stock Trader generally refers to people who traded listed company shares in Stock Market.

Yes, we traded company shares based on their value. The valuation was made based on several benchmarking process. Putting that aside, we are not responsible for shortage of goods like rice, sugar, cooking oil and stuff. For that, blame it to retailers, distributors and manufacturers for their failure to supply the market adequately. Stocking and hoarding stuff is not our doing.

2. We can make RM10,000,000.00 in profits with just only RM1.00 capital.

It is undeniable that stock traders makes both profits and loses, but we don't print money for sure! Some people presume that we can multiply money miraculously without considering the environment. To make RM1000 in profit from RM10,000 is reasonable but to assume us could create RM10,000 from RM1,000 is insane!! This is, of course, given in short time span.

We don't have Gnomes printing for money or Dwarf working overtime mining riches for us.

Of course the header is an example of insanity from people's perception. LOL!

3. RM 5,000 for golf lessons but RM200 for stocks lessons... Sigh!

Every successful trader surely have suffered from losses & misfortune from trial and error of their beginner's day. These valuable experience makes them who they are today.

If you're willing to pay thousands for some ridiculous skill that gain you nothing (yeah, you might argue on all the non pecuniary benefits that you obtained but still... don't you need money to pay for the course in the first place?) but you're stingy when it come to knowledge on how to multiply your money.

I am saying this because this is what we are facing frequently. It irritates us. It is akin to, let say, you are proposing the most beautiful girl in town with the most cheapest ring you could find, and it is one ugly ring.

Have a nice day!!