Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooking is Easy, but...

Being a foodie, (or glutton) i truly enjoy good food. Staying in Penang is a boon to my gluttony (or foodie) since the place is blessed with loads of delicious food.

Watching Asian Food Chanel frequently somewhat convince me that i too, could cook. During an outing, i tried to put this "can do" mood into good use and tried to cook some chicken curry myself. To my horror.. it ain't delicious as i am hoping. The taste is fine, but not as good as i hoped for.

This is the look of my first attempt chicken curry!

It doesn't look good. Right?

The conclusion to this post is that, cooking is easy but cooking great food is not! it requires lot of thing. From now onwards, i'll appreciate more all the good food. Thank God for giving me a mother with great cooking skills. Let's hope i'll get a capable wife to do the same. Hahaha!

Anyway, since i am hungry... let say it helps me to eat my own cooking. It is as if i am tormented by my own cooking. Fortunately my friend says it is "OK" for a 1st timer. Phew!!

Thanks Bonda for doing it tirelessly for us everyday.
Only God can repay you.

P/S: Going to hug my mom for this... certainly!!

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