Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heaven is for Everyone

"Heaven", a concept believed by humanity.

It is a place, or destination where everyone wished to go in their afterlife. It is the motivation that drive all the faithful to willingly abide the divine rules, inspires people to be good and kind to each other. It is usually reserved for those whom are deemed worthy by their respective religion.

This place... "Heaven", motivates people to part with their hard earned money, to work for nothing in the name of religion for the betterment of their community, to be charitable, to be a loving person and many more great deeds. Isn't it a miracle on its own right?

The reason i write this post because recently, there is a disturbing comment i read in Facebook where a person call people of other religion as infidels and as a member of the hell just because that particular group of people belongs from another faith.

This is wrong. This is another type of extremism that views other as inferior to others. As a Muslim myself, i will say Islam is great, but that is not a justification for me to undermine other religion. Insulting remarks such as this just cast a bad light on that offender faith generally and that person specifically.

This disguise of "hollier than thou" attitude is just like racism, which employs "better & rightful than thou" attitude.

This is my own way to voice up my mind for a better future. What good can we do by disrespecting others? Being a victim of such remarks back in United Kingdom before, i know how it hurt when people said that i am going to hell just because i am a Muslim and refused to join their religion.

I don't know why i am offended with the remark... maybe because i have a Faith after all.

I dedicate this post to all of my friends who was offended by such people.

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