Monday, February 7, 2011

Companions A Driver Should Have!

"The mid-term break is over, it is time to come back to KL. Sigh!"

Starting my journey at 2.40pm, I fetch my 1st passenger, Nadzri. The journey continues when i fetch my lil brother Fairuz and lastly Hazmida at her home in Alma. This Alma is not "the spinach capital of the world" which located in Arkansas, USA. This Alma of her's is nearby Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Since it was in the end of a holiday season, it isa custom for us Penangite to avoid Juru Toll Booth due to the heavy traffic surrounding those area. We entered the North South Highway via Nibong Tebal. The large amount of vehicle plying the road makes us moves at an average speed of 60KM/H

A few friends whom in the same highway warned me that the traffic from Taping-Ipoh barely moved. I decided to use the old trunk road from Changkat Jering and the traffic moved at average speed of 10-20KM/H

We made a few stop for prayers and washroom break and fortunately we keep the engine running! From Changkat Jeering, we travelled thru Padang Rengas-Kuala Kangsar-Sungai Siput-Chemor and Ipoh, where i really, really need to make a stop due to hunger and foot pain. It is more or less 10pm already. It cost me 9 hours for a 152KM journey. What a mess!

After withdrawing money, eating and whatnot, it was confirmed that the car could not be started. The security guard of CIMB Tasek's branch chip in to help. Nadzri's cousin, who is a member of PDRM chip in to help. Nothing work!

The current equation now is, [2 law student + 1 architecture student + 1 clerk + 2 security guard + 1 policeman] = dead car. 1 of them is freaking out. Yeah! Luckily I am a member of AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia.. i guess), I called them and the problem solved within 2 hours.

We continue our journey via highway, we dropped Hazmida in Shah Alam at 4am (Fairuz drove from Ladang Bikam to Shah Alam.. Thanks adik!) From Shah Alam, after lingering in her apartment compound nearly 30 minutes, we resumed the journey to Kg Melayu Subang, where my friend Nadzri safely arrive his home and now... It is my turn to head for our final destination.

Before heading to Campus, i stop by at Mc Donalds for breakfast. It seems my little brother is pretty much hungry... so am I. We both safely arrived UIA at 7.07am with a salam greeted to our Pak Guard at the Main Entrance.

To summarize everything up, it is one hell of tiring journey. I really appreciate the helps given to us during this whole journey, from people in the equation mentioned above to people who gave way when my brother is speeding.. Thanks!

At the conclusion of this post, here are some stuff drivers like us all should have;

1. Security against breakdown

Be an AAM member, or Kurnia Auto Assist member or anything member that give you protection and security against breakdown.

These organizations provide reliable and... let say, slaughter free repair service. Imagine the ridiculous price charged by repairmen during such emergency. Paying RM75 per year against robbery of a few hundred ringgit a night really helps! I suggest every driver to have one.

2. Buy Touch and Go or Smart Tag!!

If you had thousands of ringgit to buy a car, why on earth you could not afford a card priced RM10 and a device priced RM100 for your own benefit?

Unnecessary queue at the toll booth could be avoided and reduce jam at the same time if people embrace the technology? With all the perks and discount given, you should really have these stuff. Seriously!

3. Tool Kit!!

Remember to bring with you a tool box with all the tools needed. You don't need all the items mechanics usually have. Just some essential tool is sufficient enough.

Thanks to God for saving us from all the dangers during our journey. That is all folks. The holiday is over, it is time for us to go back yo our daily routine. See you all again pretty much soon!


  1. hihihi.. perjalanan yang memenatkan.. apa pun.. ok what.. banyak masa kita leh sembang.. thanks a lot kawan.. ;))

  2. sama-sama.. nanti apa2 roger la aku